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Diet and Nutrition Testimonials:

“I am so thankful to all of you for introducing me to the Nutrition Program. I was so sick when I walked into your office for a back related issue. I had given up hope and was so frustrated by the medical doctors and tests that could not determine what was wrong with me. (I had such severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I was actually hospitalized.)
The diet and supplements have changed my life. I feel better, and my health issues are disappearing one by one, and I have a smile once again. I cannot thank you enough!

Posted By: S.B.
“Back in September, I was pre-diabetic and insulin resistant. I had autoimmune thyroid
(Hashimoto’s), chronic and painful hives, chronic irritable bowel syndrome, multiple food allergies, borderline high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low adrenal function, MTHFR (a genetic deficiency), very low energy levels and an inability to lose weight.
Dr. Kary provided a structured, tailor made plan to follow with almost immediate results! (I must admit that in the beginning I was a tad skeptical….. but now I am so glad I followed through!!)
My blood pressure is now normal. My chronic hive outbreaks have totally stopped (a medical miracle!), my digestive issues have completely calmed down, and I have lots of energy! I have lost 25 pounds without even exercising! I have an inner sense of calmness and quiet within my physical body. I have real confidence now that my future will be a healthier one – not one of progressive dis-ease!
Don’t waste another minute if you have health issues! Give yourself the gift of a healthy, energized life! You will be so glad you did!!”
Posted By: D.F.
“I went to Dr. Kary for chiropractic treatments. During my initial session, I mentioned
the difficulty I was having with weight loss as well as some other health issues. Dr. Kary recommended some supplements and dietary changes. Most notably, she recommended a cream to help with symptoms (night sweats and hot flashes) caused by stressed adrenal glands. Within 3 days of using the cream, my night sweats and hot flashes were totally gone and I was sleeping through the night again. Since then, my menstrual cycles have also returned to more normal cycles.
Another major health issue that has been successfully addressed is anemia. I started taking an over-the-counter iron supplement in February and when my blood was tested again in August, there was not much change in my blood iron levels. After a short time on Dr. Kary’s supplements, my iron reserves and blood iron levels were almost at a normal level so that I was not feeling exhausted all the time. I am thinking more clearly and my memory seems to have improved.
I had diligently tried different programs to help me lose weight. Since I started the diet and nutritional supplements, I have lost over 30 pounds. My joints, especially in my hands and hips, do not hurt like they used to and I can move better. It is wonderful to be able to play with my granddaughters and not be so concerned about what may cause me pain!
Posted By: J.R.
“Spring – I visited my Doctor for a check up to renew a prescription I take for helping me deal with stresses in life – I was 51, 30 pounds overweight, feeling stressed by work and life, energy levels were low, always keeping my coffee cup hot during the work day, motivation for extracurricular activity was low. Overall, My Doctor was concerned and wanted to do a complete physical in the fall, my wife was concerned because I didn’t “look” healthy, I was concerned because I was not feeling good and life was becoming laborious and less joyful.

Summer – My wife and 2 daughters start this dietary nutritional program and I realize it is going to change how we prepare meals at the house and it will impact the way I eat. So… in for an ounce, in for a pound. We discovered that I needed to get my blood sugars and stimulants under control, my digestive system is stressed, my liver is overloaded and I was anemic! So I started making changes in my eating and drinking habits in June (cut out processed sugars and quit drinking coffee) and in July started the full program. At first I was a little overwhelmed with all of the changes, but in short order the changes became easily manageable and were not that difficult to deal with. It wasn’t long before folks at work started commenting on the positive changes they saw in me, and I knew I was feeling better.

November – A few things have changed in my life. There is life after coffee – haven’t had a cup in 5 months and really don’t miss it! Processed sugars and processed foods are rarely a part of my life. I am twenty pounds lighter, feeling great throughout the day (no highs or lows), have energy and desire to exercise and seeing/feeling the positive results. While I still work and live a stress-filled life, the stresses are easier to deal with and are challenges, not laborious efforts. Life has become enjoyable again. My eating habits are far better than they used to be – I actually crave fruits and nuts over sweets, eat much more vegetables than I used to and still get plenty of meat, just choose to eat smaller portions. I had my follow-up appointment with my Doctor and he was very pleased with the changes and is no longer concerned with my near term health – he actually said I should maintain my current weight!

I would highly encourage anyone seeking life improvement to talk to Dr. Kary to find out what her program could do for you!”
Posted By: M.H.
Low Level Laser Therapy - Testimonials

“I received cold (low level) laser therapy as pre and post -operative treatment for a jaw bone cyst surgical removal and wisdom tooth extraction. I did 2 low level laser treatments before the surgery.
The surgeon said I would swell up until my jaw was “the size of a baseball”, and I would be black & blue for weeks, with bleeding, and would need pain killers for a week. Even the hospital nurses remarked that I had little to no bleeding upon release. After 2 days of pain killers, I stopped taking the medication. I really didn’t need it after the first day.
I followed up with 7 weekly treatments with the low level laser. The surgeon was skeptical, yet the proof was there, or he wouldn’t have inquired if I “had done something special?”

Posted By: J.H.

“After a shoulder injury over a year ago, I’ve been unable to sleep on my
right side. After 3 laser appointments, most of the pain is gone and I can now sleep on either side. Thanks!”
Posted By: A. R.

“What a surprise to see something this simple work so well. My shoulders
and elbows haven’t felt this fluid and normal feeling in quite some time. Thank you!”
Posted By: G.G.
“Twenty years of lumbar back and leg pain, with the last ten years
increased by an aggressive Rheumatoid condition, has made life very difficult. Relief though general chiropractic treatments would ease the pain for short periods of time (2 hours to 2 days). The severity of the condition would not allow muscles to relax enough for the healing process to start. Two weeks ago, Dr. Kary introduced me to the laser treatments. After the first treatment, the pain level subsided in 48 hours. The second provided a decrease that was unbelievable. Occasional short term discomfort, as it can no longer be called pain, is what I am now experiencing. I recommend these treatments as a “Must try to believe”.

Posted By: R.N.
Chiropractic - Testimonials

“Dr. Andrea Kary has been amazing in helping me correct my back and neck issues. I was born with a birth defect and part of that is a defect in my spine. For a long time, I had a really hard time walking because of the pain in my back, hips and legs. I have scoliosis on top of the defect, plus a bulging disc in my low back and neck, so to say I was in constant pain is an understatement. After seeing Dr. Kary, my pain level went from 8-10 on a scale of 1-10 down to around 5 or 6 on a regular basis. Then Dr. Kary started using the laser treatment on my spine (neuro. up-regulation) and that took my pain levels down to about a 0-2. My pain level has stayed that low ever since, and I am able to have my visits with her every other week most of the time, instead of twice a week like in the beginning. I used to have very severe migraines almost every day and even my migraines are farther and fewer between now. My scoliosis has really started to straighten out and it’s been years since I’ve been able to stand up this straight. Intimately, things are much better as well. I used to be kind of numb inside and now I have a lot more sensation when I’m intimate with my husband and I never thought that was possible. The pressure in my face has released so dramatically that I don’t feel like my face is going to explode anymore. I can breathe through my nose and my eyes don’t hurt like they used to, plus the frequency of my sinus and ear infections have greatly reduced. She has also been using the laser on my scars and they have diminished drastically as well.
Chiropractic care by Dr. Kary has been a complete life saver for me and adding the laser therapy with it just makes it a million times better. Dr. Kary helped give me my life back and I can actually live it again without all the pain!”
Posted By: C.B.

“I received chiropractic treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort in my back. Dr. Kary customized a treatment plan and I noticed an immediate improvement. I am now able to sleep better and perform normal activities without pain or discomfort. Thanks, Dr. Kary and your friendly staff, for helping me feel better!”

Posted By: J. B.
“I received chiropractic and low level laser therapy for my severe neck, shoulder and back pain. After approximately 5 treatments, I felt reduced pain in my neck and shoulder area. With continued treatments I improved, so that I am only on maintenance treatments of once a month.
Dr. Kary also treated me for sciatic pain in my left hip area, from severe pain to barely noticeable, to date.
When I first came to Dr. Kary, it was after going to another chiropractor, where I was not getting any relief. I was in so much pain I could barely function caring for grandchildren and doing regular daily chores. Driving was difficult, as at times, I could not turn my head without feeling a lot of pain in my neck. She worked steadily, and did not add to my pain, only to decrease my pain and help with the healing process. In addition, I received low level (cold) laser treatments which, together with the chiropractic, turned a bad situation into feeling better than I have in years.”
Posted By: G.H.
“I had pain in my neck and back for years. I noticed immediate, unbelievable relief on just the first visit and I am even doing better after 6 weeks. I can now sleep on my back, which I hadn’t done in years. Also my energy level has greatly increased. Thank you, Dr. Kary!”
Posted By: S.Y.
“I received chiropractic and laser treatments for my neck and back pain. After one treatment, I felt a major improvement in my neck and back. My migraine headache was gone and I got the best night’s sleep that I have had in a long time.”
“This has allowed me to work better and concentrate better in my classes. It has allowed me to have more control as I weld in my classes. The best thing is it has given me so much energy to play with my kids.”
Posted By: T.L.

“I’ve been dealing with pain in my back, neck, and wrist for years, due to multiple accidents that were untreated, and my career choice. Immediately after the treatments, I began to feel a tremendous difference. The more I go through, the better I feel for longer.”
“I started with chiropractic sessions with Dr. Andrea and I can say I’ve never felt better. After a few sessions with Dr. A., I started with massage and laser sessions. Every type of treatment has its own way of helping you feel better and I am so happy that I did them all. I recommend to anyone who has any pain to come in and get some work done. You will never feel better! Thank you to all who work at the clinic. You have really helped me be out of pain.”

Posted By: J.M.
“I came in for back pain. I was asked about other pain and I told about the extreme pain in my right foot that was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. We discussed that this could be related to my sciatic nerve. After a few treatments (spinal adjustments), this pain went away completely. Amazing!! It hurt so bad before. I hated to get up in the middle of the night as walking hurt so bad. I’m a believer in keeping your back aligned!”
Posted By: S. F.

“Dr. Kary has been chiropractor for several years now and I am very pleased with how
she keeps my back working well for me. I like being pain free!”
Posted By: M.K.
“Since coming for treatment with Dr. Kary, my back has been doing much better. I can go much longer between treatments. Plus, an added benefit, is that I no longer wear out my shoe heels at an angle anymore. Thank you Dr. Kary!”

Posted By: J.S.
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