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Oxygen Sauna


Sauna-4In April 2014 the EPA official responsible for reviewing the safety of chemicals was asked how many chemicals in use are so dangerous they should get a harder look by the agency to protect public health and the environment.

His answer? 1,000!

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP’s) are fat soluble hazardous compounds which have been regulated due to their ability to affect reproduction and promote cancer.

In addition to the above mentioned current toxic chemicals, these POP’s are still present in our food supply, our bodies and even our children’s bodies.

International research is linking these POP’s and other toxic chemicals to:
Decreased immunity, increased autoimmunity, cognitive and behavioral problems, obesity, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and Type 2 Diabetes.

It seems reasonable to include some form of detoxification into our healthy lifestyle.

The skin is the largest organ of elimination, via sweating, making sauna therapy an effective part of weight loss and detoxification program.

International Research has shown that Sauna Therapy :
•    Reduced obesity
•    Increased human growth hormone
•    Reduced chemical sensitivity symptoms
•    Reduced cholesterol & LDLC and increased HDL levels
•    Improved the immune system
•    Improved mild depression
•    Improved chronic pain and arthritis symptoms
•    Improved blood flow and high blood pressure
•    Improved chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms
•    Increased insulin sensitivity and quality of life  Type 2 Diabetics
•    Improved oxidative stress in heart failure patients
•    Detoxified heavy metals, fat soluble chemical compounds, and hazardous environmental chemicals.


Sauna 1As the sauna steam heat opens the skin pores, the oxygen is absorbed through the skin, similar to the hyperbaric oxygen procedure, but without the pressure.

Oxygenation of tissues will stimulate the immune system, support detoxification, slow aging, increase energy, and burn an amazing 200-450 calories per 20 minute session.

How to Prepare for Your Oxygen Sauna Experience:

  • Please bring 3 medium sized bath towels with you.  (Bring a fourth if you are vertically challenged)
  • Drink plenty of water so you are well hydrated before and after your appointment.  (We will provide you with a glass of water and a multi-mineral supplement immediately after your session, but you need to still drink more water afterwards.)
  • Avoid eating for several hours before your session.
  • Do not consume alcohol within 8 hours of sauna use.
  • Do not use sauna while participating in recreational drug use.
  • Do not use sauna if you have received an organ transplant


Oxygen sauna effects are cumulative, so for maximum benefit during the first month 2-4 times per week is recommended depending on health goals, with a course of ten sessions being ideal.

  • For general wellbeing/anti-aging:  2 sessions per week for 5 weeks
  • Maximum results:  5 sessions per week for 2 weeks

Depending upon your health goals, we may recommend nutritional supplementation or drainage homeopathics to support liver and lymphatic detoxification.

Oxygen Sauna is not recommended for those with:  Favism, bleeding disorders, unregulated hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, history of stroke, heat intolerance, dehydration.

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