Neurological Up-Regulation


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Neurological Up-Regulation


Neurological Up-Regulation with the Violet Low Level Laser

This is a specialized Low Level Laser Technique developed by Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, DC as a way to keep Tour d’ France athletes operating at their peak performance during competition.

Our general Low Level Laser Therapy is about tissue healing.  Neurological Up-Regulation is about reconnecting tissues to the nervous system.  

An injury or painful condition can frequently cause a protective posture to cope with the pain.  Since your nervous system is programed to keep you in good posture, it has to “turn off” messages to certain muscles to allow you to be in that protective posture.  Just because the injury healed up or the pain levels decreased, does not necessarily mean those muscles got turned back on again.

This situation can leave you with chronic, neurologically weak muscles that can interfere with your posture, your movement patterns and can create ongoing stress in your body as you try to counterbalance those weak muscles.  This will often lead to chronic pain syndromes and promote aging postures.

The Erchonia Violet laser has a wavelength that is very stimulating to the nervous system.  By using muscle response testing, we can identify and treat the spinal nerves that are not able to properly process that stimulation.  This improves the nerve flow to those “turned off” muscles and helps them work more efficiently.

Results we have seen in our clinic:
-    Improved posture
-    Improved scoliosis
-    Decreased pain (chronic pain patients able to go longer between treatments with less pain)
-    Improved flexibility
-    More effective Chiropractic treatments
-    Improved energy levels

Once we have cleared up the “old” problems, this technique becomes the perfect wellness tool:  we can find any subtle problems that have occurred in between visits and nip them in the bud!

There may be situations where scar tissue is interfering with nervous system function.  This technique is also effective in those situations.  We have seen chronic lower back conditions improve dramatically after we have treated abdominal surgery scars (particularly for women with hysterectomy and/or C-section scars).

Neurological Up-Regulation may also be performed to improve Cranial Nerve function (although this is done with the red wavelength laser, not the violet).  We have seen improvement with dizziness/vertigo, chronic headaches and posture using this technique.

Neurological Up-Regulation is included with your Chiropractic visit

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