Hydrotherapy Massage Tables


Hydrotherapy Massage TablesBefore your chiropractic appointment, you will be given the option of relaxing on one of our hydrotherapy massage tables (unless you have a new injury that requires ice therapy).  One half of the table is a mattress filled with heated water and some hydro-jets.  You remain clothed and receive the following benefits:

1.     Flotation:  the buoyancy of the water allows your muscles to relax since there is minimal strain on the weight-bearing joints.
2.    Heat:  the heat increases blood and lymphatic circulation, assisting recovery, and also helps the muscles to relax.
3.    Massage:  the pressure of the water from the hydro-jets, also increases blood and lymphatic circulation and massages the muscles and soft tissues.

Use of these tables before your chiropractic adjustment helps tremendously.  Since your muscles (and you!) have had 10-15 minutes to relax before your chiropractic treatment, the adjustment is much easier and more effective.  We are able to accomplish more with each treatment, and since the muscles are relaxed, they allow your body to hold your spinal correction longer between visits.

This service is included with your Chiropractic visit at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We want the BEST RESULTS possible in the time we have with you!