Payment Options


Kary Chiropractic Clinic
660 Jadwin Ave., Ste. A
Richland, Wa.  99352

Payment Information

Due to the increasing difficulty and expense of trying to collect from insurance companies, WE NO LONGER BILL INSURANCE.  Our prices are listed below and are payable at the time of service.  Please ask for a coded receipt for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Chiropractic:        Regular office visit          $35
                            Senior maintenance         $27

Low Level Laser:      With massage           $25
                     Unattended (using a stand)     $15

Consultation (New Patient or Nutritional):
    20 minutes                    $65
    30 minutes                    $90
    (The average new patient chiropractic consultation and exam is 20 minutes.)

Lifestyle Services:
    Bloodwork analysis        `                 $50
    Sonix WBV                                        $15
    Sonix WBV +O2+Biophoton              $20
    Exercise with O2+Biophoton            $10
    Oxygen Sauna                                  $40
    Oxygen mask (re-usable)                $35 + tax
    Metabolism test                                $50

    30 minutes                    $25
    60 minutes                    $45

Accepted payments:  cash, check, credit card

Note:  Every 7th Sonix, Exercise with O2, Sauna and Low Level Laser is FREE