Healthy Aging


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Healthy Aging


healthy-agingMaximizing your health as you age is a simple as having the right information and making the right choices.  Most of the services we offer are going to support your healthy aging:

 1. Bloodwork analysis lets us identify risk factors for general, metabolic, cardiac and brain health.  It also gives us an easy way of tracking your progress.

 2. Nutritional and dietary advice, along with therapeutic vitamin, mineral, herbal supplementation allows us an effective way of improving your health and your bloodwork markers.

 3. Exercise with Oxygen helps with your fitness and increase your systemic oxygen levels to slow the symptoms of aging.

 4. Sonix Whole Body Vibration machine gives you a gentle way to exercise, either as a quick exercise system or a safe way to prepare you for other forms of exercise.

 5. We have specific supplementation recommendations for brain support, as well as the  Bio-photon and low level lasers.

 6. Our Oxygen Sauna helps you to easily detoxify and oxygenate your body.

 7. Regular chiropractic tune-ups, with the low level laser helps to control arthritic and general pain.


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