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Chiropractic Treatment


chirospine1Your body is YOUR vehicle.  And just like a motor vehicle, proper alignment is necessary to prevent excessive wear and tear and allow optimum performance.  Imbalanced joints and muscles can cause poor posture, making you more vulnerable to injury, resulting in pain.  Chiropractic adjustments are essential for restoring balance, improving performance and postures, and increasing flexibility in your body.

When joints don’t move correctly, they can irritate nearby nerves.  This can cause muscle spasms, tightness, pain and loss of mobility.  These muscle spasms will cause more stress on the joint, which irritates the nerves more and on and on we go.  Chiropractic adjustments correct these “stuck” joints and reduce the irritation on the nervous system, allowing muscles to relax.  Sometimes the muscles need to be addressed specifically.  Adding low level laser therapy can amplify the effect of chiropractic treatment.  Your body is then allowed to function free from restriction and at its highest level.


At Kary Chiropractic Clinic, I use several different types of techniques to deliver the most appropriate adjustment for your condition.  Sometimes a manual adjustment might give the fastest results.  Using an instrument or a special (drop) table might be best for someone who has arthritis or a recent injury.  I will customize your program to be specific to you and your condition.

Chiropractic Helps:

Neck Pain       Headaches:  Tension & Migraines
Back Pain   Auto Accident Injuries
Arthritis    Sports Injuries
Reduce Stress & Tension   Improve Posture & Flexibility


Benefits of Care:

• Pain Relief      • Increased Mobility
• Increased Sports Performance   • Increased Immune Function
• Increased Balance   • Increased Co-ordination
• Headache Relief   • Increased Flexibility/Mobility



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